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What we Webmasters wish you knew …

I manage a lot of websites. Some are small – maybe only one page – and some are HUGE – hundreds of pages. Most of these websites belong to someone other than myself, which is good because managing websites is how I make a living. I don’t expect my clients to know all the techy terms, or how to identify problems, or even to be able to email (which a few of them don’t). But I sure wish more knew how to communicate with me, so we can be more efficient, therefore saving time and money.

If you have someone else handling the nuts-and-bolts of your website, there are a few simple techniques that you can master to make everything easier when communicating with your webmaster. Here’s one:

Identify exactly which page has a problem

I sometimes receive an email that says something like: I was looking at my website today and saw a typo. It says, “when going two” instead of “to.” Please fix! Now if this is one of the one-page sites, I can probably find it rather quickly. If it is one of the 100+ page sites, I am going to spend a lot of time looking for this! Especially because Two and To both clear the spell check function, and doing a Search and Replace on the word Two is still going to take some time. How do you let your webmaster know exactly where you spotted the mistake? Send me the URL of the page. Then I know exactly where to start looking and can fix that bad boy in a flash.

Copy and paste the URL into a message to let me know exactly which page on your website needs attention.

Have any questions or suggestions for communicating with your webmaster? Comments are welcome!