Examples of What I Do

Some recent projects:
www.womenwritingthewest.org – We launched the new, completely redesigned Women Writing the West website in February, 2020. I had the pleasure of working with graphic designer Jenny Hancey (https://hanceydesign.com/) on this project.
www.plattbooks.com – I’ve admired author Randall Platt’s website for years. It was quirky, fun and gave a wonderful sense of Randi herself! So I was honored to be asked to do a new site for her (even the best websites become outdated …) and wanted to keep that same sense of That Platt Woman!
www.dianathompson.com – I have done Diana’s website for nearly 20 years! This is the third version, launched in 2017 with completely new WordPress site, and online store, along with an online Acupressure Methods for Horses Course.
www.skellydogs.com – A simple site for dog trainer Nancy Skelly includes class information and a calendar.
www.naughtyboyvineyards.com – Newly updated and a great example of a WP EasyCart shopping cart.

My start with web design had a very practical beginning. I had just published my first novel (Settler’s Law, Berkley Westerns – Penguin Putnam, 1999) and the advice was to get a website. But Websites Were Expensive!

I decided to take a class at the local college that promised we would build a simple website by the end of the semester. When the instructor started writing HTML on the board, I began to despair. I would never learn that strange gibberish! Luckily, our instructor was great and within a few classes I was not only making websites, but I was loving it! I continued to take computer classes at the college and still do when something new comes along. There have been a lot of changes — I’ve gone from hand-coding entire sites in HTML to learning the newest WordPress techniques. I love that there is a combination of technical skills, artistic elements, design and literary elements in nearly every site, so I never get bored. Building and maintaining websites has led me down other branches of the modern technology road, such as email newsletters, blogs, content production and social media.

Nah, I don’t get bored!